For a limited time, or while stocks last, we offer this product:

Pulpo Tako 3

Pulpo Tako 3

Pulpo Tako 5

Pulpo Tako 5

.- IQF octopus (Flower), diferent sizes, price exwork frozen Valencia:

Tako 3, available 1175 kilos to 7’20€/kl

Tako 4, available 2295 kilos to 6’90€/kl

Tako 5, available 2679 kilos to 6’60€/kl

Tako 6, available 5191 kilos to 6’30€/kl

Tako 7, available 2496 kilos to 5’70€/kl

Tako 8, available 180 kilos to 5’10€/kl

Perform your order by phone at 962215088 asking for the supply of the web.