The Octopods are an order of cephalopod molluscs commonly known as octopus. Lack of shell and have eight arms. They are marine animals and carnivores.

Family: Octopodidae

Scientific name: Octopus vulgaris

Spanish name: Pulpo

Clasification: The classification of the species is based on two important criteria, weight and quality. TAKO Class 1: 8 healthy and hard and good quality arms. TAKO Class 2: absence of 1 or 2 arms (cut or damaged)-good quality. TAKO BROKEN: Missing 3 arms or more TAKO BROKEN BAD: damaged skin, presence of water bubbles on skin.

The weight:

Tako1 greater than or equal to 4KL

Tako2 kl between 3 and 4 Kl

Tako3 between 2 and 3 kl

Tako4 between 1.5 and 2 kl

Tako5 Between 1.2 and 1.5 kl