The sepíidos (Sepiida) are an order of cephalopods known by the name of sepia, cuttlefish. Are an example of modifying the shell characteristic of most cephalopods: it is extremely small and is hidden under the dorsal side of the body covered by the lateral folds of the mantle.

Family: sepiidae

Scientific name:  SEPIA OFFICINALIS

Spanish name: Sepia


The species is classified by weight.

Mongo1 greater or equal 8 kl.

Mongo2 between 5 and 8 kl.

Mongo3 between 3 and 5 kl.

Mongo4 between 2 and 3 kl.

Mongo5 between 1’3 and 2 kl.

Mongo6 between 0’9 and 1’3 kl.

Mongo7 under 0’4 kl.